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Here is an update on everyone...and everything...

Chloe is doing okay in school right now.  She is having trouble staying on "green".  They do a color system by what they do or dont do in school.  If they misbehave they move to yellow, and if they continue being bad they move to red.  She is having a hard time behaving well enough to stay on Green.  She also fights with her teachers about doing her school work.  Her attitude is getting bad though.  She is learning things from the
people she goes to school with and its aggravating me.  She tells me "no", she gives me dirty looks, she completely ignores me and what I say.  Today is the perfect example.  Jeff hurt his knee very very badly
this morning, and he wanted to go to the zoo to "walk it off" well it didnt work and he was in tears and completely hurting.  Chloe started throwing a fit and screaming and crying because she didn't want to hold
Jeff's hand.  She started yanking and pulling on him and he was in even more pain.  Finally he took her to the car.  On the way she threw herself on the pavement and he had to pick her up and carry her.  When he did that she kicked him in the knee, hit him, punched him, and was beating him.  He couldnt do anything because we were in public, but he was in tears by the time he got to the van from her kicking him in the knee.  This morning he dislocated his knee cap and he is bed-ridden now.  He can no longer put weight on it, he needs me to help him even get up and go to the bathroom, and after she kicked and kicked and kicked it made his knee so much worse.  I am getting so frustrated with her and this is just the tip of the iceburg.  She is getting worse and worse, and there is only so much I can do to control her.  I refuse to let my child act a fool.  I will not sit here and allow her to disrespect me and I certainly will not allow her to think she runs this house.

Nevaeh is being herself.  No real changes with her.  She is happy, and behaves much better on days her sister has school then on days her sister doesnt.

Junior is wonderful as always.  We moved him into the girls' room, since legally they can share a room
until Chloe turns 7.  We need the third room for a business Jeff is getting off the ground.  We hope to have a tuff shed put up by January which would then be converted to Jeff's office instead of Junior's room.   Since we had a little play in the money we decided that we would let him pursue his wants in a business instead of
the childcare, because honestly his would bring in more money, and my house would not be full of bratty kids who cannot listen.  LOL.  Once we get Jeff's Tuff Shed put up, we will go in the third room and completely re-do it from the daycare play room to Junior and Tyler's room.  I am excited about that.  I wasn't thrilled about them sharing a room with the play room.  I am hopeful everything takes off the way its supposed to, but if it doesnt, we have enough in the bank to open the daycare in February (thats his deadline).  Junior is also no longer using a bottle, he is using only his cup!  He still isn't walking yet, and I am okay with that, he will walk when he is ready.  Chloe was a late walker as well.

Jeff and I are doing well I guess.  I mean I went a little hormonal on him because he stayed up all night and played gears of war after I was feeling neglected, and he completely made me feel like the asshole about it.  I told him how I felt, what was hurting about what had happened, and he said that it was just a stupid game and that he didnt think it mattered to me.  Usually it doesn't, I am uncomfortable, fat, feeling unwanted, and just needing some extra loving, and its just hard for me to get to feel secure in myself right now.  Last night, he came to bed with me, as he has done every night since I cried and told him how I felt. I feel bad about it because he has horrible insomnia and he says he just lays there for about 4-5 hours and then falls asleep, but he wants me to know that me feeling loved is more important then him having fun. Sigh.  I am so blessed to have him.

Household crap. 
So a couple weeks ago it sounded like there was water running through our water main in our front yard.  Jeff heard it first and then pointed it out to me.  The water company was doing work on the pipes under the street in front of our house.  After they were done with the work the sound stopped.  Well...we got our water bill yesterday.  And guess what??  Our bill was over 1,000 dollars!  Its apparently a common thing that happens in Denver....http://www.glendalecherrycreek.com/t,news_template/m,news_detail?id=99....I dont know what to do, so Monday we are having a bench test done by the water company and we are having a plumber come out and check out our pipes to prove there is no leak.  I am not paying this bill, because it is NOT my bill.  I have never had a water bill over 50 dollars, and that bill was from when we filled out 1,000 gallon pool.  Crazy asses.  

Tricia and I are good of course.  We have been together two months as of today.  Part of my problem this week was that I hadn't heard from her and I was worried.  I was so scared, and freaking out because I KNEW something was wrong.  I got a letter today.  She was in the medical wing.  She got jumped and was beaten pretty badly, because she didnt want to fight back and get in trouble.  The CO's (Correction Officers) tear gassed not only the girl who jumped Tricia but Tricia herself.  So on top of her wounds she was gassed as well.  She got put in ad seg (administrative segregation) and is there for 15 more days.  She knew I was going to be freaking out and thinking I did something wrong.  She knew I would be worried sick.  She apologized about 10 times and of course she felt horrible.  She doesn't have any more stamps until she can get to the store when she gets out of ad seg, so I wont hear from her for a couple weeks...when I freak out, y'all can just remind me.  

I feel like I need someone to just write to and freak out to, and her to slap some sense back into me.  Seriously lol. 

Some of you have asked why Tricia is not mentioned in my bloop.  There are people who read my bloop who do not need to know about her.  I would prefer if this is kept here, and that is all.

Hm.  What else.  I am thinking thats all for now.

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