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Its Done

Jeff's best friend stayed over last night because he was going to take her on errands.  Leslie accused us of cheating on her with Ashley.  I blew up.  This is the third fight she has picked in three days, and I told her if she believed that about me that I wouldnt be harassed or verbally attacked when I would NEVER cheat on her.  She said if I couldnt deal with that it wouldnt work, so I said fine, I am glad to have met you and your amazing son, you can keep the PSP and all the things we gave to him, and I wish you happiness, but I no longer will sell myself short of what I deserve.

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Jul. 7th, 2011 08:20 pm (UTC)
I think maybe you guys should take future efforts a bit slower. I get "new relationship" excitement, but given that you are after a sister wife, and already have kids and family, you have a bit more at stake than someone "simply dating" does. You guys progressed really fast with her and to me it was a huge red flag that she kept instigating fights (as opposed to discussions about boundaries) within 3 days of getting together.
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