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Questions Answered

Like, how long have you been together?

With Leslie? I have been with her since Sunday, a very short relationship but I love the way its going so far.  With Jeff we have been together 6 years.  It will be 7 years in December.

How did you convince your husband that bringing in a girl is a good idea? 

We have been with women either me "alone" or both of us since November of 2007.  He kept bringing up the thought of a threesome, and then i admitted I was bi, and he allowed me to explore that.  We would rather date someone together then alone.

Did you decide on her together?

We decide on all of our girlfriends together.

Are you afraid of what would happen if one of you decided you weren't interested in her anymore?

I am very worried.  We have had unmutual break ups before and we always work through them.  What is most important is all parties are happy, including her.

And to go to the nature of the others day drama...

In a relationship like this, especially where one party has never done this, there will always be problems with feeling left out.  Especially because Leslie has no car right now, she is working on shopping for one.  She has to rely on us to come get her and take her home, which means she feels like we only get her when we want something.  Yesterday showed her that we want more then that, because we went and just drove for a couple hours to find a spot to have a picnic and spend time together.  It was an amazing trip. 

Feel free to continue to ask them :)

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Jun. 23rd, 2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
How do you deal with jealousy? My fiance and I are courting a girl right now for the first time and I go through moments of jealousy that I wish would go away. Does that happen to you? Is there an easy way to deal?
Jul. 4th, 2011 07:30 pm (UTC)
just read your most recent posts, seems like everything's going okay. it's really good that you were able to communicate. :)
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