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I kept swearing I would keep my walls up, but they are never very strong with women.  They are up, and I know I will survive whatever happens, but I am a little scared.  Yesterday we had our first *fight*.  She felt like an accessory, and like we only wanted her when she could come over and give it up.  Thats not what we wanted at all and I had to explain that to her.  I wasnt getting her texts [well some of them] and she thought I was ignoring her.  It was just a long stressful day, but I am glad she brought it up, because I thought she was ignoring me.  

She came over and we talked I showed her my phone, and we just made up.  I held her for a good hour without saying a word.  I adore this chick, she is wonderful.  We laid there, and then she kissed me.  Oh her kisses, they are the most amazing wonderful kisses I have ever had from a woman.  It sends electricity through my body, and I lose all control.

TMI...of course we ended up having the most amazing make up sex.  We took turns on her, and just had an amazing time.  It flows so well with her.  It is so wonderful.  She screamed and yelled, and obviously enjoyed herself...and then she straddled me and held me down.  She started kissing me and she said...I have a confession to make.  I asked her what it was.  "I dont have any walls up, I am falling for you, and I am falling hard...please catch me".  Aww it was so adorable.  We go back and forth from crazy wild sex to passion and caring.  We would go from devouring eachother to soft passion filled kisses.  Ahh.  Honestly, its amazing.


We are going to get ready to go get her soon.  She had to be home by 4 AM and we made plans to go play as a family today.  We will take all the kids up to red rocks and have a great time...expect pictures.  :)

A lot of you have questions about this, so I am opening this up.  You can ask me anything [either about this situation or my life] and I will answer honestly and sincerely!

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Jun. 23rd, 2011 03:17 am (UTC)
The only thing that's flashing for me is that yesterday was Tuesday, and you guys got together Sunday... that seems pretty quick for "feeling like an accessory" and drama y'know? Other than that, I'm glad you guys are establishing good support and communication skills.

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